Friday, August 16, 2013

Introducing: Backpacks in Canvas

Sepia Brown Waxed Canvas | Olive Green Waxed Canvas

I've been busy incorporating canvas into my shop.  But not just any ole canvas.  I wanted something really durable and could handle daily wear.  I revisited waxed canvas and also added this thick, sturdy and highly-durable water resistant canvas.  I love them!  (My finger tips, however, are very raw and sore after working so long with them, so I'll give my hands a break after I type this blog post.)  These fabrics are built to withstand lots of wear, so they're great for taking on adventures. 
Black Water Resistant Canvas

And of course, I made them into Backpacks --my newest (and current favorite) bag style in the shop.  Because Shay has started the beginnings of his business school classes, I've been able to extend my work hours until 10pm before I prep for our dinner  (I know, you shouldn't eat past 9pm says whoever, but my motivation to cook for one is pretty low, so I'd rather be working instead.  That's what I end up doing...because I don't really have any other hobbies besides working.  Because my work used to be my hobby, remember?).

Navy Blue Water Resistant Canvas | Dark Gray Water Resistant Canvas

I'm really happy with the outcome.  If you've been following me on my Facebook page, you've already seen this, along with all the progress to get to the final outcome.  You should consider following me there -- you'll get the news in real time!  Plus, you can give me real-time feedback, which helps me evolve as a designer and maker.  :)

Enjoy the new collection, my friends!  I'm taking a short break this weekend so that my hands can heal, and then I'll get to making these into Archive bags starting on Monday.   Yessssssss!

Happy Friday!


p.s.  I've put a lot of bags on sale.  Check it out!

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