Friday, August 10, 2012

Cocktail Hour: Trudy's Mexican Martini

Mexican Martinis (MexMarts) are a staple of the Austin, Texas population.   You can order this drink, served in a shaker with a martini glass on the side, at Trudy's (one of our favorite Austin dining and drinking spots).

As the summer comes to a close in Pittsburgh, Boy and I reminisce about our early dating years in Austin (drinking, as mentioned in our previous Cocktail Hour post). 

MexMarts are special to us.  We first tried our recipe for one of my brother's birthday parties that we hosted.  On a boat.  Two pontoon boats, actually.  Party barges get booked quickly in the summer months and I'm not one to plan months ahead and am more of the oh-crap-its-Chris'-birthday-we-need-to-book-a-party-boat-now kind of gal.  We anchored them next to each other.  Then tied them together.  Classy, I know.

We filled a 5-gallon Gatorade cooler with MexMart and it was quite successful among our friends.  We know this because by the end of the party, the 5-gallon cooler was hoisted with glory over open mouths to drain the remaining cocktail.  (Again, we keep it classy in Texas.)

We made a batch for our wedding reception, too.  In a clear glass dispenser, this time.  Hoisting was not involved.  But equally enjoyed by our guests.

Now we'd like to share the recipe with you, which can easily be frozen into a refreshing and intoxicating treat to beat the heat.  For you impatient boozers, skip the freezing and just drink it in a martini glass.  Or from the cocktail shaker.  Whichever you think is more responsible.

2oz Tequila (we recommend 1800)
1oz Orange juice (no pulp, unless it makes you feel healthier)
1oz Triple Sec
1/2oz Lime juice (we think it tastes better from fresh limes)
(Make it dirty with a splash of olive juice)

Shake well in a mixer with ice.

Pour in 2oz Sprite or your favorite lemon-lime soda.
Stir to mix.

Serve in a salt-rimmed martini glass (with stuffed olives if you choose) or make a larger batch to pour into ice pop molds to freeze. 

Enjoy on a hot summer day.

Happy Friday, y'all!


p.s. This drink was featured as one of the paintings over our bar.  (I say "was" because we've moved since that post.  And that little dinky thing doesn't serve as our bar anymore since our bar contents have increased 20-fold since that picture.  Shameful.)

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